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"White Water" (1924) starring Nell Shipman

"White Water" is a short drama about lumberjack country, featuring Nell Shipman, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

Nell Shipman was a Canadian. We also show her films "Back to God's Country", "Something New" and "The Grub-Stake".

Nell Shipman plays a girl in love with nature and animals.  One day she meets a crippled boy, who sings for pocket change.  When she finds out that the boy is badly malnourished, Nell Shipman takes him under her wing and finds work for his elder brother.

Then one day disaster strikes when the boy, who can't swim, falls into the river and is carried downstream. Nell Shipman jumps in a canoe and paddles frantically to reach the boy before the current takes him to the rapids, where mortal danger awaits.

Directed by                 Nell Shipman and Bert Van Tuyle
Produced by               Nell Shipman Productions Inc.
Written by                  Nell Shipman
Starring                      Nell Shipman, Donald Winslow (the boy), Ray Peters (the boy's brother)
Cinematography        Robert S. Newhard
Release date                coming soon
Running time              27 minutes
Country                       US
Language                     Silent film

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Audio/Visual sound, color


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